Debra and childrenHi, I’m Debra Watts, Ballarat's Head Lice Removal Specialist.  I have four children, three girls and a boy, and know from experience how devastating discovering head lice in your child’s hair can be.

My eldest daughter, and my niece, suffered badly from Head Lice and I shared their embarrassment and guilt.  As re-infestations were discovered I felt overwhelmed and at my wit’s end for a solution.

I researched the problem at great length for over 12 months before discovering a natural way to not only remove the lice and eggs, but BREAK THE CYCLE!

Which is why, at PEEK-A-POOH HEADLICE REMOVAL, we not only treat the problem, we teach you to manage any re-infestations and BREAK THE CYCLE!

My salon, located at 21 Nelson Street, Sebastopol, treats and removes Head Lice in a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere.  We only use completely natural products which remove both the Head Lice and their eggs, without harming your child's health.

Our aim is to free children from Head Lice, quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss – all of which is provided at affordable prices.


YES, we can break the headlice cycle

Yes, we can break the head lice cycle

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